We love spending our time in the ocean. Freediving has allowed us to travel to places we never thought we would go and enabled us to get really close to marine life. This is why we dive, because we love to do it and always have fun!

With Freefall Academy our intention is to transmit this passion to everyone we know! We believe loving the ocean will make people become more aware of the critical situation that is happening in the world and we hope we can redesign our presence on Earth by caring and being passionate about the ocean.

We at Freefall academy want our students to enjoy the act of a single breath while underwater in order to become fully present in the moment.  This in turn will allow our students to become more comfortable underwater, connecting with the ocean and themselves on a deeper level.

It is our hope this will in turn create a more aware conscious state of harmonious understanding for ourselves and the world around us.  

We believe that having fun, rather than only focusing on depth and time, is a really good method to become a better free diver.  


About us Valentina Kochian Freediving at Deans Blue Hole

Valentina Kochian Grimaldi

“The Ocean gives us two important things, the fact of being alive and eternal joy to the soul”

Argentina Freediving Record (CNF, CWB)

I was born in Argentina and raised in Mexico, I am following my dream by studying marine biology and teaching freediving. My love for the water started at a really young age, playing and swimming in the Caribbean Sea all day long.

Later on, I discovered that freediving was a sport that could be taught, and immediately I took the first course. From that day on I became addicted to this amazing sport and now I am sharing my love and passion with the world.

About us, Tyler van Roden Freediving

Tyler van Roden

‘I freedive because I love it’

Captain, Scuba Diving Instructor

I grew up in Pennsylvania, USA where my loving mother with a passion for travel and outdoorsman father instilled in me the belief I could do anything in life (and so can you!).

Spending the whole day in the forest hunting or on the boat fishing, I became at home in nature.  The sound of the wind and the water has always transported my mind to a more peaceful place.  The practice and teaching of freediving gives me the opportunity to live the life I truly want to live.