Cerralvo Island & La Reina, Baja Sur

Freediving with mantas at La Reina! La Reina is a small islet at the north of Cerralvo Island (originally called Jacques Cousteau Island) located 45 minutes ride from La Paz, and then another 30-45 minutes to get to the islet.

It is a beautiful place full of life! It has playful sea lion residents, big schools of jacks and other fish, turtles and most recently GIANT Manta Rays! If you’re lucky, on the ride there it is common to find dolphins and (during the winter) even whales!

The season for Mantas are from August to November, although the best months are September and October. Still, we like to go year round because there’s always something to see and play with.

We are very flexible about the activities to do at Cerralvo, but what we usually like to do is go play with mantas early in the morning and then have a freediving training session at a secluded spot hidden from wind and waves. There’s also spearfishing and relaxing on the beach.


  • Private tour (up to 6 people) $550usd
  • 4-6 people $100usd per person


  • Car drive from La Paz to La Ventana and back
  • Boat drive from La Ventana to Cerralvo and/or La Reina
  • Bouy, line and weights for training
  • Water and snacks
  • Guide
  • Basic equipment (snorkel, mask and fins)