The Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Ocean League is a partner of Freefall Academy that is a customized sailing charter company. We focus on adventurous water activities while providing a luxurious eco-minded lifestyle in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.

Our number one goal is to provide our guests with the best experience of their lifetime.

Cuisine is central to fill us with the energy and pleasures we need to enjoy our time on the ocean.

Snorkeling with whale sharks during our sailing charters
Whale interaction while sailing the sea of cortez.

Clear, consistent communication and attention to detail is how we prepare for every trip.

There is a type of bond, stronger than steel, made by people that share similar or the same extraordinary experience. That kind of bond can only be understood by those people that have lived that experience.  This bond lasts a lifetime, and is what you take away with you from Ocean League.

With every trip our first priority is the safety of our guests and crew which comes as naturally and invisible as breathing air for us.

One activity you can do on our sailing charter adventures is kitesurfing!
Scuba Diving Sailing Charter

Nature at times can be unpredictable, we accept these variables with enthusiasm and adjust ourselves accordingly to maximize fun.  Get ready to feel excitement and wonder as you find ways to push your own envelope to your heart’s content.

Any gear you wish to have onboard will be.  Every itinerary and charter is unique depending on weather and personal preferences.

We are stoked to help you realize and pursue your dreams. Any possibility is an option during our voyages.

We are eager and ready to hear what you may have come up with that we haven’t thought of yet. So please, go ahead and send us an email or better yet pick up your cell and call us to take the first step towards the best experience of your life.  



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