Freedive cenotes carwash

Freedive Cenotes

Come dive with us and discover this unique and beautiful environment in the Mayan Riviera! Through your mask, you will see spectacular formations that are unique to the Yucatan Peninsula. There is no place in the World like Mexican Cenotes, and to freedive in them is a magnificent experience.

In the 3 day expedition we will see all the different types of cenotes you can find: deep, shallow, with cave, open, semi-open, with a lot of life, amazing sun rays, etc.


  • 1 day expedition (2 cenotes): 140 USD
    • Option to take AIDA* certification (+25 USD)
  • 3 day expedition (4-5 cenotes): 380 USD
    • Option to take AIDA* certification (+25 USD)


Always wanted to have cool pictures of yourself freediving? During a photoshoot adventure Valentina will guide you and photograph/video you freediving among the most scenic cenotes in the Mayan Riviera. You can pick 2 cenotes where we will capture the best moments of the day. Underwater modelling tips will be given, as well as all the pictures (raw) in an usb that day + the selection (best pictures edited).

Check out the gallery for samples of other photoshoots.


  • $220usd per person (includes cenote fees and transportation)
Freedive Bullshark

Freedive with bull sharks (December and January)

Female Bull sharks come to Playa del Carmen every year for its warm water temperature (around 27C during the winter) and perfect conditions to give birth to their young.

Come to Playa to watch these amazing creatures in their natural habitat, with no cage. This tour is only for advanced freedivers because the bull sharks are hanging out at 25m/85feet deep, so you should be confortable at this depth. Contact us for more information on courses and training in Playa del Carmen.


  • 110 USD per person
Freedive whale shark

Swim with whale sharks (Mid-June through July)

The biggest whale shark gathering in the world occurs in the waters near Contoy Island.

The upwelling phenomenon generates a massive amount of plankton, where whale sharks can be seen feeding on the surface for several hours a day.

These fish are gentle giants and swimming with them is a life experience you do not want to miss! Some days you can see more than 30 whale sharks! And usually during this season giant mantas are around the area too, swimming gracefully.


  • 1-4 people: $920usd total
  • 5-8 people: $210usd per person



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