Cerralvo Island MANTAS

Cerralvo and La Reina

La Reina is a small islet at the north of Cerralvo Island (originally called Jacques Cousteau Island) located 45 minutes ride from La Paz, and then another 30-45 minutes to get to the islet.

It is a beautiful place full of life! It has playful sea lion residents, big schools of jacks and other fish, turtles and most recently GIANT Manta Rays! If you’re lucky, on the ride there it is common to find dolphins and (during the winter) even whales!


  • Private tour (up to 6 people) $550usd
  • 4-6 people $100usd per person
Freediving with mobula rays

Swim with mobula rays

Every year, thousands of mobula rays come to visit Baja California around May to July. The largest schools in the World can be found here in Baja (up to 10,000 rays). They are famous for they’re high jumps in the air. Freediving with hundreds or thousands of them is a unique experience that you can’t miss. Join us for this 2-day expedition to go look for mobula rays in the Sea of Cortez. Along the way we might find dolphins and we will also go freediving with sea lions.


  • $450usd per person for 2-day expedition.
Whale shark tours La Paz

Swim with whale sharks

Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the ocean, an adult can measure between 15 to 18m in length.  Juveniles come to La Paz bay to feed on plankton and grow.  These fish are gentle giants and swimming with them is a life experience you do not want to miss!

This tour last for a few hours, we will go look for the whale sharks in La Paz bay, called “El Mogote”. We will swim with them for a few hours, have a snack and then go back to shore.

The whale shark season is from October to March


  • Private tour (up to 6 people) $550usd total.
  • 6-8 people $95usd per person.
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Discover Baja in Kayak

For the adventurous ones that want to have a sneak peak of Baja’s local spots, in this excursion you will discover some of the most unique places around La Paz to kayak and snorkel.

We’ll meet early in the morning and according to the weather and distance you want to paddle we will pick the perfect place for going out on the Sea that day with you. Usually we go to a lobera to swim with sea lions and along the way we can find lots of reef fish, turtles, dolphins, mantas and mobula rays.

During the trip we will paddle to a beautiful snorkeling/freediving spot, anchor and do some fun dives. The price includes kayak, water and snacks.


  • $120usd per person.
Freediving with Sea lions

Swim with sea lions

Espíritu Santo is a protected marine national park and belongs to UNESCO’s world natural heritage of humanity since 2005.

The sea lions that inhabit this beautiful island are used to being in contact with humans and that makes them more confident to play and interact with people. They are one of the most curious and joyful animals to freedive with.

During the excursion, we will go to “La Lobera”, an islet that is home to a population of 400 sea lions.  The boat ride form La Paz to La Lobera is approximately 1 hour to 90 minutes depending on the weather.

After snorkeling with sea lions we will stop at a beautiful beach on Espiritu Santo Island for a lunch of sandwiches, fruits and drinks (Please let us know of any dietary preferences so that we can prepare your food for your ultimate enjoyment).  Here we can do a short hike to get a better view of the scenery and experience the natural landscape.

Espiritu Santo Island has a great biodiversity, including reptiles, birds, amphibians and a rich marine life. This is a half-day tour.

For more information about Espiritu Santo click here.


  • Private tour (up to 6 people) $650usd total.
  • 4-6 people $130usd per person.
Isla Espiritu Santo: Tours La Paz

Custom Adventure

Want to do a customized adventure?  We are familiar with Southern Baja and the local people, just tell us what your thinking and we’d be happy to accommodate or point you in the right direction.

Some custom adventures may include whale sighting, go to specific Islands, spearfishing trip to the best locations around the area, among many others!

Please contact us for planning and pricing information.

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