La Paz, Baja California Sur

Don’t miss the opportunity to swim with mobula rays! Every year, thousands of mobula rays come to visit Baja California from April to July. The largest schools in the World can be found here in Baja (up to 10,000 rays). They are famous for they’re high jumps and acrobatics in the air. Freediving with hundreds or thousands of them is a unique experience that you can’t miss. Join us on this day adventure to go look for mobula rays in the Sea of Cortez. 


The day starts at 7 am in La Paz, where we will meet and drive for 45 minutes to the mobula area. On the boat, we will be actively looking for mobula rays. Once we find the mobulas, you will hop in the water with the guide and follow the code of conduct to swim and freedive with mobulas. This way, not only we will have a respectful approach, but also the behavior that the guide will explain will make the mobulas more confortable with you so you can get even closer to them. Imagine being completely surrounded by mobulas, everywhere you can see! We will go back to La Paz around 3pm.


During this season, apex predators, the Orcas have been sighted hunting the mobulas. This is not likely to see, but they are in the area and it is possible! To increase your chance of unexpected encounters, consider checking out the Mobula Ray Expedition, where you will be several day in the water for a higher chance of more sightings.

Freediver Ivan diving among thousands of mobula rays with freefall academy!


$190 usd per person

Book 2+ days – $180 usd per day


  • Roundtrip transportation from La Paz
  • Boat, captain and guide
  • Water, snacks & lunch
  • Equipment


Being confident in the water. No freediving required since the mobulas mostly hang out close to the surface. However the activity may require active swimming for periods of time. If you’re a freediver you are welcome to freedive following the code of conduct guidelines.


Mid April to July

Dates 2022:

MAY & JUNE: Every week Thursday to Sunday

What to bring

Towel, hat, reef safe sunscreen, rashguard, sunglasses, cash, reusable water bottle

If you have your own gear you’re welcome to bring it



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