Cabo Pulmo National Park

Cabo Pulmo is one of Baja’s favorite attractions for divers that come from many different parts of the World. Why? Its incredible amount of life! Get ready to dive in a storm of thousands of jack fish, get to know bull sharks eye to eye and discover the beautiful variety of fishes that the Sea of Cortez has to offer.


In the 1990’s, local fisherman from Cabo Pulmo started realizing that tourism could be a better way to make a living. The community at Cabo Pulmo started to slowly shift from fishing to tourism, and by 1995 Cabo Pulmo officially became a National Park, which means it is protected by Mexican law and any type of fishing is prohibited. This has allowed the fauna to recover and thrive. By 2009, the fish biomass of Cabo Pulmo increased by 463%, and now it’s even higher! Year after year we see more and bigger fish.


Cabo Pulmo freediving trip starts with a 2.5 hour car ride from La Paz through the beautiful mountains of Southern Baja. When we get to Cabo Pulmo , we will gear up at the dive shop, meet our captain and get in the water! We can dive 3 dive sites 50 min each, which we will decide according to availability and guests preference. The dive sites at Cabo Pulmo are mostly between 12-17 m deep, and some get to 30 m.

There is an option, for certified scuba divers, to add 2 tanks in 2 different dive sites after lunch and freediving.

Diver Juanito at Cabo Pulmo. Scubadive and freedive at Cabo Pulmo with Freefall Academy
Freedive and Scuba with bullsharks in Cabo Pulmo with Freefall Academy!


  • $220 usd per person.
  • Add 2 tanks scubadiving + 150 usd per person


  • Transportation from La Paz to Cabo Pulmo and back
  • Boat ride
  • Buoy, line and weights
  • Water
  • Equipment
  • Certified Cabo Pulmo freediving guide
  • Park fees

* Scuba option includes 2 tanks, certified dive guide and equipment


Freedive certification


Scuba: year round

Freediving: October to Mid December

Jan-May water temperature is colder (5mm required; 17-22º) and visibility varies between 12-5m. As summer comes in water temp becomes warmer and visibility clears.

Oct-Dec is best time of year to go. Water temp 29-31º and visibility 20m+


Towel, reef safe sunscreen, sunglasses.

If you have your own gear you’re welcome to bring it.

Cash for post-dive tacos.

Freedive in Cabo Pulmo



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