Freefall Academy emerges from a profound passion for freediving. That’s it – simple yet powerful. It started as a project without any expectations, evolving into a life dream beyond our wildest imaginations.


Upon relocating to La Paz in 2017, we began to uncover the enchantment of Baja in every nook and cranny. The sheer richness of marine life we encountered took us by surprise. It wasn’t a gradual realization; it hit us unexpectedly. We fell head over heels for Baja and its marine wonders without reservation.


We discovered that the optimal way to connect with animals is through freediving, embracing a state of complete relaxation. We immersed ourselves as just another fish in the school, another whale in migration.


This realization led us to concentrate on teaching freediving, enabling you to forge a deeper connection with the water and experience profound relaxation. We combine this with expeditions into the sea, driven by the goal of interacting with the diverse marine life we encounter.


Through our educational tours, guided by individuals passionate about wildlife conservation, we aspire to foster a heightened and harmonious awareness for each participant and the world that surrounds us.

Freedive with Mantas


In Spanish we have a saying “El mar lo cura todo”, it means the sea heals it all. This could’d be more right! Freediving allows you to discover places you’ve never imagined. It takes you deep into your mind and body. By submerging into the water your body state changes into a more aquatic mode. Your heart rate slows down, your body relaxes, allowing you to hold your breath longer than you ever imagined.


Our approach to beginner freedivers is all about relaxation and safety. When you take the course with us, we will teach you all the skills and knowledge that you need to freedive in a safe way and with good technique. We believe that focusing on fun and relaxation is te right approach, since it takes away the pressure of “hitting a number” and it allows you to fully enjoy. To us, the numbers are not important as much as you enjoying yourself. With practice comes getting deeper and holding your breath for longer, just like any other sport.


For us, tourism comes with environmental and social responsibilities. We strive to implement an eco-friendly approach in our courses and expeditions. We hire captains (former fishermen), use local boats, and employ other services within the community to ensure that the economic impact stays within the local area.

But our commitment goes beyond that. On the social front, we’ve created DIVE FOR CHANGE initiative where we gift a free freediving course to the communities we work with for every three courses we sell. Your purchase of one of our courses directly supports this worthy cause. Since 2023, we’ve provided freediving safety talks to over 45 individuals and courses to 8 people. Additionally, on certain tours, we donate 5% of our earnings to the NGO MAREA to deliver socio-environmental talks in less privileged communities and support environmental conservation campaigns.

During our expeditions, we adhere to conduct guidelines established by experts to respect our interactions with marine life underwater. Remember, the ocean is THEIR home, and as we enter, we must be highly respectful. These guidelines are crucial in reducing stress levels in marine life during interactions, and it’s one of our foremost priorities.

We firmly believe that gaining insights into the animals and the conservation challenges they face during our interactions is of utmost importance. That’s why our tours are not just adventures but also educational opportunities where you will learn significantly. Furthermore, we strive to minimize our plastic consumption to the greatest extent possible and collaborate with scientists in what is known as “citizen science,” contributing to the generation of crucial data for marine conservation in the region.

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Valentina Kochian


I am Valentina Kochian, born in argentina but had the luck to grow up in the Mexican Caribbean where all i did was spend time underwater. At 15 years old I learned to scuba dive and at 19 years old I became the youngest free diver instructor in the World (at the time).


When I teach freediving to my students I try to transmit that love for the sport and the Ocean, the same I felt since I’ve started freediving. In 2017 I moved to La Paz, Baja California Sur to chase my dreams and become a marine biologist.


In 2019 I attended my first official competition, where I broke 2 Argentinian National Records in CWB (45m) and CNF (39m). As much as I enjoyed competing, I realized that my freediving career path had to involve showing people the wildlife interactions we can have freediving. To me it’s incredibly fulfilling watching a person tearing of joy after diving with dolphins, or taking my guests to dive with sharks and show them that with respect there’s nothing to fear, or guiding them through the freefall where people meet their true selves. This is what I live for. To connect with humans and animals.


I am Tyler van Roden, born and raised in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  I attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa for my undergraduate in business and realized quickly I loved the Ocean more than business.  Here is where I received my PADI Divemaster, USCG Captains‘ license and surfed as much as possible.  I was on Spring 2009 Semester at Sea to further see the world from the perspective of an ocean traveling student.

While crewing a Catamaran through the Eastern Caribbean with my brother in 2014 we discovered freediving at Vertical Blue school in Dean’s Blue hole, Long Island.  I fell in love with the physical practice of meditation which is freediving. Here is where I received my AIDA instructor certification in 2016.

I arrived in La Paz Baja California Sur Mexico early 2017 where I have stayed to teach freediving with Freefall Academy, Captain sailing yachts and now instruct sailing with an American Sailing Association school called Go Baja.  In the summer of 2021 I sailed across the Pacific Ocean from Cabo to French Polynesia. This trip brought together all the things I love to do in the beautiful islands of the Marqueses, Tuamotus and Society islands.  My future goal is to Captain and charter a large Catamaran in the most beautiful and remote areas of the world to interact with wildlife, dive, kite, surf, sail and meet the locals.

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