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Dive for Change: our social initiative

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Hi friends!

We’re thrilled to introduce an initiative that creates positive impact in the local communities we work with in Baja: Dive for change.

What is Dive for Change?

Dive for Change is more than just an initiative; it’s a commitment to making a difference. It stems from our deep-seated belief in the environmental and social responsibility that comes with tourism and diving activities. At its core, Dive for Change embodies the idea that our actions can contribute to meaningful transformations in the world around us.

Our Mission

Our mission with Dive for Change is twofold: to empower individuals through freediving education and to support local communities in coastal areas. We believe that by providing access to diving courses, we not only equip people with valuable skills but also foster a deeper appreciation for marine environments and the importance of conservation efforts.

In the communities we work with in Baja, the majority are involved in the fishing industry. Some of them engage in freediving for recreation or as a tool in fishing techniques. Most fishermen are aware of the risks associated with freediving; they’ve heard stories of people blacking out, or perhaps they’ve even experienced it firsthand. However, they may not be sure how to avoid these risks, how to perform rescues, or how to dive deeper and longer while minimizing dangers.

At our core, we aim to provide them with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent freediving-related accidents from occurring.

How it works?

For every three freediving courses purchased with Freefall Academy, we pledge to gift a freediving course to one member of a local community. These courses are specifically tailored to individuals in coastal areas, including fishermen and their families, who may benefit from learning essential diving skills for their livelihoods or personal enjoyment. The courses that we will provide to them are totally free of charge.

We have two types of educational programs:

  1. A talk about Safety and Risk Prevention in Freediving: this talk is about one hour long and it is targeted at bigger audiences. The aim is to give basic knowledge about freediving safety that will help save lives.
  2. A Freediving Course: this is a two day course where we will teach theory and practical session including breathing exercises, a static and a depth session to 6-8 community members. This course will give them more in depth knowledge to practice freezing safely. The course is focused on safety and prevention.

The Birth of Dive for Change

In 2023, tragedy struck one of the local communities we frequently visited. A friend and fellow diver lost his life in a freediving accident. The news sent shockwaves through the diving community, leaving us with grief.

As I looked deeper into the circumstances surrounding the accident, it became painfully clear that it could have been prevented. The diver had been diving alone and was overweighted—a direct violation of the number one rule of freediving: never dive alone. This heartbreaking incident served as a stark reminder of the importance of knowledge and safety in the world of freediving.

Reflecting on this tragedy, coupled with our regular visits to these coastal communities for unforgettable wildlife adventures, I couldn’t shake the feeling that we owed something back to these places that had given us so much. It was during this time of introspection that the idea for Dive for Change began to take shape.

This made me rethink: how could Freefall Academy amplify its positive impact on these communities? And thus, Dive for Change was born—a project of hope, education, and empowerment for coastal communities and divers alike.


Our Impact So Far

In September 2023, Dive for Change made its mark in Puerto San Carlos. We hosted a talk on freediving safety for over 40 attendees, followed by a three-day freediving course for eight eager students. The community’s response was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing a desire for us to return. Our efforts are already making a tangible difference, and we’re excited to continue empowering coastal communities through education and action.

Making Waves of Change

By participating in a freediving course with Freefall Academy, you’re not just embarking on an exciting diving adventure; you’re also contributing to positive change in coastal communities. Your support helps us expand access to education, promote environmental awareness, and ultimately, create a ripple effect of empowerment and conservation along our coastlines.

Join Us!

Are you ready to Dive for Change? Join us in our mission to make a difference—one dive at a time.


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