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AIDA 1 Freediving Discovery Course

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AIDA 1  – Freediving Discovery Course

In this post you will find all the information you need about the Freediving Beginner Course.

AIDA1 Guidelines v3.1

Freefall Academy AIDA 1 Freediving Course Approach

The AIDA 1 Freediving Course can be completed in one or two days. The option 1 is done in 1 day, where we cover the theory and static apnea. The option 2 is done in 2 days, where we cover theory, static apnea and depth.

One of the things that sets us apart from other schools is our emphasis on optimal conditions, especially for beginner freedivers. That’s why we exclusively offer Freediving Courses from May through November, as these months provide the best weather and conditions in La Paz and its surrounding areas. During this time, the wind is typically calm, the water is warmer, and visibility is significantly improved.

In addition to prioritizing favorable conditions, we differentiate ourselves by offering the depth session boat-based . While many schools conduct their courses from the shore, we believe that going out on the boat enhances the experience and allows us to find the best diving spots. 

We strive to create an enriching and enjoyable learning environment, optimizing your freediving experience with us.



Day 1

9am-12pm – We’ll meet at the classroom, fill out paperwork and start the theory lesson.

12:00-12:30 – Breathing session

12:30-2pm – Static Apnea Session

Day 2

8:30am- Lunch stretching session

9am – Depth Session in La Paz

2pm – Finish


The location of the depth sessions may change according to the weather and the logistics.

The exact time and schedule may change due to logistics.



Option 1 – $3,000 pesos per person 

Option 2 – $5,500 pesos per person 

Includes: theory manuals, pool fees, AIDA certification, boat fees, freediving retal gear.

15% de descuento para mexicanos al presentar INE


Our Recommendations

We recommend that if you have your own gear to bring it in order to asure that you have a perfect fit.


We hope to see you underwater! If you have any doubts please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.


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YONGSEOK CHOI - posted 818 day ago

Quiero aprender freediving.
Para tener certificado cuantos dias necesito?
puede aprender Niña de 12 Años?
voy a quedar en hotel hayatt ziva riviera maya. esta cerca? puede pasar con nosotros?
cuanto es precio?


Valentina - posted 806 day ago

Hola Yongseok,

El nivel más básico son 2 días de curso. A un niño podemos darle una clase de apnea con supervisión de los padres, sin embargo la edad mínima para obtener la certificación son 16 años.

El hyatt está relativamente cerca, ofrecemos servicio de transporte con un costo extra.

Para más información puede mandarnos correo a


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